Do you only work on imports?

No. We work on any make, model, and year for almost any car. RDZ Motorsports has proudly served vintage, domestic, import, and classic cars. We will work on anything with four wheels and a motor.


Does RDZ Motorsports only offer services oriented to performance?

No. We are a full service maintenance facility and regularly do general service work which includes: Timing belts, water pumps, engine reseals, brakes, clutches, and so much more. Anything your dealer can provide, we can provide better, in addition to the performance work.


Where can I purchase OEM parts in Western Connecticut?

RDZ Motorsports offers OEM and OEM equivalent parts unless the OEM part is discontinued from production by the dealer. In the case that an OEM part is discontinued from the dealer we will search for and use an OEM equivalent part before resorting to a local aftermarket parts store item. If you have specific preference in brand and manufacturer parts, we are open to your suggestions, provided that they are of the same quality and lifespan and reliability of an OEM part.


Where can I find a reliable parts dealer in Western Connecticut?

RDZ Motorsports has strong alliances with performance and OEM parts suppliers for both domestic and international companies in order to provide you with the best parts for virtually any make and model.


Do you offer machine work?

No. We do not have an in house machine shop, but we will however sublet your machine work needs to the most trusted company in town.


Does RDZ have a custom exhaust service?

Yes. We are one of the only shops in Connecticut that has a custom pipe bender. We offer both aluminized and stainless steel pipes that will turn your car from mild to wild. We ensure the same precision that you would find in an OEM exhaust and the highest quality hardware used.


Does RDZ install exhausts from different companies?

Yes. We have built relationships with the some of the best exhaust companies both foreign and domestic. Some popular examples include Stillen, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Corsa, Borla, Fast Intentions, ARK Performance, Milltek, and so much more.


How much does RDZ charge to tune a vehicle?

That depends on the type of tuning you are looking for: flash tuning, dyno tuning, and standalone engine management systems. Each option takes a different amount of time and procedure. Contact RDZ for more information. (203) 628-7725


How much does dynoing cost?

Dyno Tuning pricing starts at $599. Our service includes use of the dyno, set up of your vehicle on the dyno, and performing the procedure on the dyno by an RDZ staff member. We will tune your vehicle in-between pulls and provide you with a print out of the results.


How much does RDZ charge to install a turbo/supercharger kit?

That depends on which kit you are looking for and what your vehicle needs. There are so many different kits for different vehicles so we often have a consultation with clients to customize the build to their needs. This consultation is free of charge and we will go over the parts, plans and expectations that you expect out of RDZ to reach your goals. RDZ requires a compression test before all supercharger/turbo installations. Call RDZ for more information (203) 628-7725.


Does RDZ do LED swaps?

Yes. We are one of the only shops in the area that offers full LED swaps. Other companies do not want to deal with the hundreds of brands and variations of kits whereas RDZ has trusted suppliers that have been dealt with on numerous occasions. We only provide the most reliable kits. Call RDZ for more information (203) 628-7725.


Where can I find a reliable and skilled shop to do a vehicle restoration?

RDZ is a one stop shop for all your needs. We ensure precision and quality hardware on every nut and bolt. We have a deep history with Classic Aston Martins, Datsun Z’s, 1967 Camaro’s, 300ZX, and so much more.