About Us


Born in 1967 into a military family, Rich experienced many different areas of culture growing up. Through his father's oriental rug business, Rich was able to establish his business sense. With a degree from Elizabethtown College he pursued a specialized career in construction. However, Rich always had a nagging passion for Nissan Z's and sports cars in general. In the late 1990's Rich began working on his own car and others began to recognize his talent and ability. RDZ Motorsports was born out of Rich's own garage in connecticut in 2005 at the request of many Nissan Z owners who were struggling to find a knowledgeable mechanic. Rich, alongside Scott Cole expanded RDZ into the largest Nissan and Infiniti specialty shop in the Northeast.


At RDZ our Nissan Specialists dedicate themselves to the most unique quality and precise work. In 2015, we moved from our Danbury location on South Street to our current location in New Milford, CT right on Route 7.



Having been involved with Nissan/Datsun since 1963, I have seen the tremendous growth and impact this car company has made in the United States. I was a Datsun/Nissan dealer from 1970 to 1988 as well as a consultant to Bop Sharp Nissan on route 7 in Wilton, Ct until 2006 when it became Bruce Bennett Nissan. With the establishment of Bob Sharp Racing, in 1964,(the Datsun-Nissan Factory Racing Team), I had the opportunity to race the 510 and 610 sedans as well as all the Z cars. Drivers such as Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Sam Posey, Bruce MacGines, Elliot Forbes Robinson, Jim Fitzgerald and my son Scott Sharp were all part of the racing team at various times.
An organization like RDZ has the drive, knowledge, and facility to give custom attention to any particular Nissan or Infiniti problem. They have proved that they have the qualifications to work with the customer to enhance a stock or modified Nissan product in an organized and economical way.

The Team at RDZ, I believe, has the background and current knowledge of products available to help improve your vehicle. They will be pleased to discuss and quote on your desired improvements. Please feel free to give them a call.
- Bob Sharp
Having owned every Z car made since 1970, I finally purchased the best one ever built; my 1990 300ZX TT. Over the years I added all the usual bolt ons until there were no more. I finally got to the point where my stock motor could not handle the power. Then came a fully built long block plus more bolt ons and then I needed someone with more knowledge of this great car. Then someone I knew told me about RDZ Motorsports in Danbury, CT and about a fellow named Rich Amatulli. They tweaked and fine tuned my car perfectly to the tune of 506.3 RWH on a Mustang Dyno.
Also it’s nice to see that these guys not only specialize in the Z car, they also own and drive them.Many thanks!
- Rick R.
I had an idea about building a Z street machine. I had all the right components but in all the wrong places. I had much time and effort into this project but it never seemed to be right.
I started searching Nissan/Z forums for an experienced all around Z man and only one name kept coming up, …RDZ Motorsports. Since that moment they will be the only person I let work on my car. They have taken this car and basically perfected the mechanics and has made this car an instant responsive beast.
Rich is an expert and a true Z aficionado. If you are looking for someone to trust and get you the maximum performance you require he is the only man for the job!!!
- Michael Bordes, NY
From the very beginnings of the CT Z Car Club, RDZ Motorsports has had an active presence within our organization. Their leaders have been both valued club members and, more importantly, trusted advisers to our club’s membership of over 500 Datsun and Nissan enthusiasts. The reputation and respect that they enjoy within our club has been built car by car, conversation by conversation. While we always enjoy seeing club members avail themselves of the services of RDZ, in many cases such conversations do not result in new business – but they always result in answers and new directions for our members. RDZ is a business founded on a bedrock of simple yet essential principles: customer service and value above all else, a wide variety of custom service and product offerings and strong back office business and administrative knowledge. During these past few years, which have contained unprecedented economic challenges, it has become clear that RDZ is a business that knows how to stay in business. It has been especially satisfying watching RDZ morph from a very dedicated but part-time, garage-based business into a full-fledged state of the art custom performance shop for Datsuns, Nissans and Infinity’s. I am confident that RDZ will continue to grow and prosper – they’ve got the right formula, the right leadership and a market segment that is essentially unserved in the Northeast.
- Ross Williams - President CT Z Car Club
RDZ Motorsports is the best Nissan Specialist in the northeast to have your Z serviced. No one else I have met has the experience, time and resources to take care of the Z like them. Their service and pricing are unmatched. No doubt its the only place to bring your Z Car.
- Ralph Antinori., Bergen County, NJ